EPI Lasik Treatment

EPI Lasik Head (Safe, Effective, Permanent)

New vision Lasik Center is pleased to introduce Epilasik. With Epilasik safe Lasik Procedure is even more safer. A unique blade less instrument called epikeratome separated the corneal epithelium to make a flap.

Epilasik is a new laser eye surgery procedure

▪ Device similar to a microkeratome (called epi- keratome) slides over the surface of the cornea, just underneath the epithelial layer of cells while suction is applied.
▪ The result is a hinged sheet of epithelium that is at least partially viable.
▪ It is reflected out of the way so that the ablation can take place.
▪ The sheet is repositioned and a bandage soft contact lens is placed on the eye.
▪ If you have Epilasik you'll likely experience some pain, which is manageable with over-the-counter painkillers. The pain is reportedly less than with PRK or LASEK.

EPI - Lasik Indications

▪ Thin corneas
▪ Flat corneas
▪ Small palpebral opening, deep-set eyes, limbal anomalies, Dry Eye Patients with high risk of trauma (basketball, football, hockey players etc.)


▪ Leaves no marks on cornea.
▪ Better option for patients with thin corneas.
▪ No risk of postoperative dry eye problems.
▪ It provides a more predictable outcome.

Recovery (Compared to Lasik)

▪ Minimal discomfort lasts for 24 to 36 hours compared to 6 hrs for Lasik.
▪ Visual recovery takes 3-4 days as compared to typically 2 days for Lasik.