Bladeless Lasik Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is the latest advancement in LASIK refractive surgery. It is a topography guided LASIK treatment designed to provide a more personalised laser procedure which has been proven to deliver visual acuity better than glasses or contact lenses for nearly 40% of the patient’s eyes treated.

It is a US - FDA approved technology since 2016. Since Contoura Vision is a topography guided system, it not only treats spectacle power but this technology can record and treat imperfections in individual corneas & optical system, resulting in a better focusing surface. Thus the procedure has been able to take care to a large extend various other symptoms associated with LASIK such as Glare, light sensitivity, difficulty in night driving and difficulty in reading in dull illumination.

Contoura vision treatment is centred on the visual axis of the eye with the help of the fastest tracker in the world, thereby delivering better results compared to other treatment modalities like LASIK and SMILE.

Studies of patient’s who underwent Contoura have documented a 4.4% decrease in complaints of difficulty in night driving & complaints of halo and glare as compared to other laser vision correction procedures