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We are proud to announce launch of New Vision Lasik Center equipped with worlds most advanced ,fastest and safest Allgretto Wave Eye Q 400 Hz Lasik Laser Vision correction machine.

▪ Lasik is done by Allegretto Wave eye Q (400 HZ) & Moria evolution 3e with epilasik, microkeratome.
▪ Allegretto Wave Eye Q is FDA approved to treat + 6.0 D to -12.0 D spherical errors & +/- 6.0 D of cylindrical errors.
▪ Speed - Truly efficient 400HZ fast speed repetition minimizes effect of dehydration and external environmental influences on
  cornea. E.g. - 6.0 D myopia takes merely 15 seconds to be treated.
▪ Ablation Profile It is first laser to use wavefront optimized profiles. This profile maintains corneal asphericity reducing problems with night vision.




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